About us

About us

Tickford Management was formed in 2003 to provide an exceptional service aimed at maximising total portfolio returns rather than just collecting the rents.

If you become a customer of Tickford Management we promise we will manage your properties with the utmost care.

Tickford is always on the lookout for value whether this is in capital or rental returns and whilst we have chosen Liverpool as our centre of operation we will occasionally look further afield if we think the value is there.

Tickford is not an estate agent, a valuer or an auctioneer. We are buyers and managers of property portfolios either on our own or in partnership with our established clients.

There are a number of competent property management companies in Liverpool. However we know of no other that is so committed to helping it’s clients to maximise their total return by focussing exclusively on acquisition, trading of residential properties and the maximisation of rental returns.