The Lettings

We provide a simple property letting process in order to get your property on the rental market in order to find the right tenant and the right income as quickly as possible. We offer a No Let No Fee guarantee.

Our process consists of:

  • Agree a short or a long term let
  • Advice about the legalities of lettings
  • Discuss ongoing property management needs for compliance and maintenance
  • Help to make the most of any property viewings
  • We will market your property online
  • We’ll arrange for only accompanied viewings for all the tenants wanting to see your property
  • We vet all potential tenants
  • We complete the legal paperwork

Our Letting fees are 10% for full management which includes;

  • tenant finding and marketing
  • inventories
  • photographs of the property
  • drawing up the tenancy agreement
  • collecting rent
  • dealing with repairs and tenancy issues
  • 6 monthly or 12 monthly inspections

Rent collection only is 5% and let only is £350.